The Blessed prince Online Business And More

The Blessed prince Online Business And More

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Learn More About Online business and Google Ads

How to make money with your YouTube uploaded videos 

Have you being searching for a way to boost your financial support? Here is the Answer! Google ads has being the only paying and good way to making money online such as YouTube videos, Facebook, Instagram and many more, here I will teach you how to make money by uploading your videos to youtube, the more you are getting more views is the more you getting money now

  • Go to your play store and download google AdSense application or visit there website 
  • But first of all you have to create your personal website 
  • When you open the app, then you will register and link your debit or credit card for your payments
  • Then after this is done open your YouTube and create a channel and write about it, and the kind of video you will be posting, describe weather it is comedy, movie etc
  • Then download youtube studio in play store and open it, go to your channel and click ads, your ads will be linked, and you will be payed in every video you post depending how many of views you have
  • In the next page I will show you how to get more views

Know more about online business 

28 May 2021
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The Blues
The Blues
Make money online
Make money online

Make Money Online Daily

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The Creator's Name Is Nwobodo Kennedy, He Is From Nigeria 🇳🇬 and Lives at Enugu state he attended University Of Nsukka (UNN) And He Is A Graduate, He Studied Engineering And he is also A Blogger. 

I Created This website to help people visit and learn how to make money, this is the opportunity people are dieing to see, stop wasting your data browsing or visiting websites or uploading video to Facebook without getting any profit from it, I am a man of integrity, I will always show people the way to boost there self financially and I promise to be bringing legitimate updates to you thanks

Nwobodo Kennedy (Blessed Prince)